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"United we rule, divided we are ruled"  -Richard

Universal Participatory Self Government, Decentralized Collective Control, with Autonomous Feedback Systems for Self Regulation and Control with regional autonomy

"The Citizens, Shareholders, and Customers Shall Ascend to the Throne as One, and the few that benefited to the detriment of the many will be void" Richard see

"A translucent government casts no shadow in which the boogie man can hide" -Infinite Play the Movie

"Being translucent we vanish the shadow" -The Infinite Player

The one click revolution is based on the idea that a Revolution and true participatory self government may not require anything other than a few mouse clicks by informed and therefore rational minds. It is functionally effective without bias or special interest based on the The "Crème Principal"  "the best rises to the top by word of link". Fuel it click here

Many people are so busy trying to overcome their personal daily issues produced by system wide imbalances, flawed systems design and architecture, a lack of transparency, a failed value exchange accounting system, and general ignorance. A situation resulting in most having little time to devote to resolving and attending to the collective issues that produce our individual issues.

For many it is a struggle just to participate in the global economic system, to find a channel through which they can contribute to the economic system and get a full return on the benefit / value they have provided. Distracted and divided while dealing with conflicts, as individuals we are unable to overcome the resistance put up by the few that benefit from the current systems and maintain the status quo thinking that empowers them.

However united as consumers, customers, shareholders, and citizens we can effect  change though a collective effort creating balanced systems and a fair playing field.

One Click Revolution has one intention and and that is to provide a vehicle for change that requires the least amount of effort and the most efficient use of resources, time and energy. The primary objective is to saturate the media pipes with wisdom, intelligence, and insight. The secondary objective is to organize, orchestrate and focus our energies and action to produce real change.

Fueling the dissemination of wisdom and intelligence while creating awareness eliminates ignorance creating a world of prosperity and abundance for all. "Everyone a Life Worth Living"  The Paradise Restoration Project

One click revolution provides the the functionality needed to empower the memes that can transform the world. To provide the  Global Citizen a measured and authenticated voice which when combined rise to produce a wise  collective voice that will fill the many media channels with lucid thought. A measured and authenticated voice that has the power of a vote which when combined produces a collectively made decision not warped by individual interests or greed.

One might have asked what can one do to effect change? Where can we place our attention to expand our awareness or channel our energy to produce measurable results? 

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Must Know:

  • Derivatives = Bets
  • Credit Default Swaps = insurance on bets
  • Hedge Funds = borrowing of money to gamble with (unregulated and secret also used to manipulate markets)
  • Taxpayer Bailout = Taxpayers covering the gambling losses for gamblers

Most understand that first the individual must effect change in his own locality and self to bring change to the the entire world. It is the sum of individual evolutionary progress that determines the evolutionary progression of all of humanity.

There are many groups and entities promoting themselves as vehicles of change and one might question if some are in fact designed and funded by the status quo (those that currently benefit) to dissipate the energy for change. Such that this energy does not actually produce the intended results but is wasted into a black hole, or if effective to a degree, are far from achieving their full potential.

One Click revolution is not here to reinvent something that already exists but to draw attention to the preexisting endeavors that are most effective and guided by holistic intentions. One Click revolution will empower thought and information leading to expanded awareness. One Click revolution will provide the initial  supporting  infrastructure needed for participatory self government and activism leading to Democracy and True Self Participatory Government. 

Wisdom Based Universal Participatory Self Government

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